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PU leather laptop backpack bag brown Atmos Creek
PU leather laptop backpack bag brown Atmos Creek
PU leather laptop backpack bag brown Atmos Creek
PU leather laptop backpack bag brown Atmos Creek
PU leather laptop backpack bag brown Atmos Creek
PU leather laptop backpack bag brown Atmos Creek
PU leather laptop backpack bag brown Atmos Creek

Atmos Creek RESPEK PU leather laptop backpack for men and women, office and college use

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A piece of caution: Only buy this backpack if you don't mind being stared at by people. Here is why it is a magnet to everybody's eyes.

Unique features: This luxurious handmade PU Leather laptop backpack signifies class and confidence. Made of exotic PU leathers and graded hardware, this bag redefines the modern look and feel with a vintage touch.

  • The backpack is made of high quality PU leather that is tear and abrasion resistant.
  • The bag is equipped with multiple pockets and compartments. The laptop compartment located on the rear side closest to the center of gravity of the human weight. This dedicated laptop compartment has an inbuilt laptop sleeve and is meant to protect your laptop from external shocks etc.
  • The other pockets are meant for all other essentials that you will need throughout the day to be productive and entertained.
  • It is designed to keep your paperwork, files, technology accessories as well as your laptop or notebook. It also has ample room for few clothes in case you are out for a weekend or a slightly longer trip.
  • The water bottle pockets, two of them are designed to keep water bottles with yourself while you are on the move. This helps you stay hydrated while you have no access to water on the road or during the trip.
  • There is also a front compartment which is bigger and better. It has all kinds of pockets for the accessories and every essential stuff you need to carry with yourself. Be it power bank, adapter, cell phone, wires, cables, camera, pen, papers, files, folders, just anything and everything has room in this pack. 
  • This backpack is ergonomically designed keeping the human back and shoulders in mind. It takes the shape of your body and snugs to it as if it has been made for you. This feature helps in distribution of weight and the center of gravity is moved closer to the body thus diffusing the weight imbalance. This gives the user much more control and comfort while he/she is carrying the bag.
  • The S shaped shoulder straps help in fitting perfectly onto your shoulders and passes naturally through your arms towards your sides, making it easily the best adjusted backpack straps.
  • The shoulder straps are further equipped with air mesh on the inner side touching the human body, thus allowing breath ability and removes sweat or odor while the backpack is carried for long trips.
  • The shoulder straps can easily be adjusted based on the size of your shoulder and the movement of the backpack you want. It is suspended through an adjuster buckle midway through. Just pull the straps down and the bag adjusts. 
  • The backpack also has a top handle which is padded and really strong. This super easy grab handle makes it a walk in the park.
  • The bottom of the backpack is made of high density vinyl material which comes in direct contact of the ground or any other object or platform the backpack is kept at.
  • This high density strength material absorbs all the wear and abuse the backpack takes on during it's lifetime. The high density vinyl material has a very high abrasion and wear resistance and is the ideal material to give the backpack a much longer life cycle. This enhances protection and holds up for much longer.
  • PU leather gives a very high performance at a lesser cost while not compromising with the quality. The difference being that PU leather is man made while genuine leather is natural and processed subsequently. PU stands for polyurethane which is soft polymerized material and is backed by different kinds of material both fabric and plastic and in some cases the leather flesh part to keep the shape and performance. The top grain surface of the PU leather is coated with some of the most scarce enzymes found and it helps to make the backpack water resistant. Water just drips down the material without seeping into it. Just wipe the backpack with a piece of cloth or paper and it is as good as new again.
  • The backpack is good for boys and girls for their office or college use. Men and women can proudly take this backpack to their office or casual outings without worrying about anything.

Looks: The backpack is simply irresistible to ignore. The color is eye catching and people really have a hard time looking the other way when this predator is on your back or shoulders. It feeds on attention and it gets it's due eventually. So stay prepared to be stared upon wherever you go with it.

 Design: A design that simply puts your life at ease with its innovative approach consumer centric thinking. The thoughtful design process has accounted to carry for almost everything from laptop to survive and get your work done in today's digital age to a water bottle to keep you hydrated while you are on the move.

 Material: The backpack boasts of having being produced with some of the most durable and environment friendly fabrics and hardware. It will make sure the product stays with you till the time you don't want to get your hands on a new one. It will survive the test of time, weather, your lunch gravy, your bus and metro rides, your frustration on your boss following your craving of throwing the backpack on his head or around and even your Labrador doggie. 

 Weather: The backpack is made of weather resistant materials. It is water resistant, flame resistant, dust resistant (just wipe with a cloth after the day's torture and it will become clean as a new one).

 Warranty: The backpack carries a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase. It has an easy returns policy ( visit our terms & conditions and warranty pages for details).

 Shipping: We provide free shipping to our customers who want to buy the backpack within India. Customers who wants delivery outside India would be charged an extra shipping cost (which will be worth the pain when you zoom around leaving people bedazzled). All shipping will be done ASAP, though sometimes due to high demand your backpack might reach to you a bit late.

 Buyer protection: All purchases at our website are HTTPS data driven and is secured by TLS(transport layer security protocol). TLS provides three layers of protection namely encryption, data integrity and authentication. In Layman terms all your data and payment are secured at our website. We guarantee 100% buyer protection.

 Returns: All our products have a very easy return policy throughout all our collections. You just need to keep your proof of sale and you are good to go. For more details check our terms & conditions and warranty pages.

 Social responsibility: We understand the need of social empathy and pledge to donate 5% of our profits to social causes like providing backpacks and other resources to children with needs (why should you have all the fun with our backpacks).

Style name  AC RESPEK
Material PU leather, Polyester, Mesh
Dimensions 46(L) x 32(W) x 22(H) CMS
Laptop compatibility Yes
Number of compartments 2
Number of easy access pockets 2
Number of water bottle pockets 2
Water resistant Yes

 Money back guarantee

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