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Atmos Creek backpacks are designed for you, keeping in mind your everyday needs. We understand the struggles a millennial goes through day in and day out everyday to hustle and the last thing they want is their backpack to not complement them. To make their life easier and provide them with backpacks that complement their lifestyle and their 'never settle for less' attitude.

Backpacks are an integral part of our life and the bond between us and our backpacks are always more than just the bond between a human and his/her accessory. It is an emotional connect. A backpack is your confidant, something you trust with your deepest secrets. It knows everything about you and it always has your back. Backpacks are the one observing every ounce of appreciation, bitching or care anybody shows while parting since it always has its face towards the person you are turning your back on. We understand all this sound weird for something which isn't a living being , has no emotion, no remorse, it can't feel anything, but somehow all this sound conceivable.

Backpacks act as our favorite piece of weapon when we are frustrated. We just want to hurl it on whoever tries to bully us, the list always changes right from our bully school friend to our boss in the office.