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How a school bag is made?

Every school kid needs a backpack. Sure it needs to look good but it needs to do much more than that. School bags are a necessity much like books or notebooks. It has been an integral part of a student's life. They carry it everyday in and out, thus creating a bond with it. The bond is more like best friends who they turn to every time they need something. Now let's take a look what all a backpack has to do? and how a backpack is made?

We will start from the beginning with the designer. Being a designer is no easy job, you don’t just have to choose interesting patterns and create modern shapes. There is a lot of practical things to think about too. Most importantly the backpack needs to be safe, sturdy and comfortable since you would be wearing it almost every day. It also has to have enough room for all those things you need in school. A designer has a lot to think about when he is creating a backpack. It must always sit comfortably and be adjustable. Since everyone's back is different, some people have very straight backs others have rounded shoulders that hunch forward and some have backs that curve in the bottom. To make sure the backpack fits there are special cushions, some even with ventilation for extra comfort. The sides and insides are also specially designed so that the contents for the backpack like books, pen and paper are kept safe and so their weight is distributed evenly throughout the bag.

School books could be heavy, that's why it’s also important that the backpack has a good sturdy bottom so that it does not fall over if kept upright. But that's just one step in making the backpack. The plastic parts are made with what is known as injection molding. It's a difficult procedure. Every backpack has many different pieces and it takes  many steps to put them all together.

First the backpack shell material is sewn to the plastic board along the bottom piece of the fabric, then come the shoulder straps, the lid and the inside compartments. Then comes and lot of sewing. The side pockets are sewn to the plastic frame. They have to be big enough for the thermos bottle and all the other things you need for school. The finished center section fits into the plastic frame and then everything is riveted together. Rivets are specially strong, they hold much better than glue and then comes the latch. Best not to take any chances. Everything is inspected carefully.

But wait it is not everything. Just like school children it has to be tested. For example it has to be able to fall ten times from a height of one meter to both corners without getting damaged even a tiny bit. And in winters when it is really cold it has to survive icing temperatures without the plastic parts getting cracks and when it rains it has to keep whatever is inside dry. Special machine jerks the weighted backpack up and down ten thousand times. Shoulder straps have to prove they won't break no matter how much you run and jump. The backpack has to last long.

There is one more very important point that is safety first. The backpack should have reflective material attached on to it that glows in the dark and it is very useful to avoid accidents on the roads or streets.

And that's how you get your school backpack, safe and with all the room you need. OK then, be on your way and we wish you a good time in school.

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