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How to identify the best travel backpack in 2019?

Man hiking with Atmos Creek travel backpack

Imagine having a  backpack that you can travel the world with. Even better…. If you don't have to sweat about checking it or collecting it from baggage claim. Of all your travel gear your backpack is most important. No matter which travel backpack you chose you are going to have to keep these things in mind.

Keep it simple: First and foremost keep things small, simple and minimalist. 40-50 liters is the ideal size for a travel backpack. It also depends on how many days you need to carry your stuff for. Smaller is better because your backpack fits in your carry on, which will save you money because you don’t have to check bags, it will also save time because you don’t have to wait at baggage claim and it will also save stress because when you carry fewer things, you lose fewer things. Packing and unpacking becomes a simple routine. Just as important as choosing the right size of backpack is choosing the right type of backpack. Don't choose a technical back country camping backpack. What you want is a travel backpack which is front loaded ,meaning that it opens like a suitcase, but also has shoulder straps for support. We do not say you should not chose your backpack and design as you please, just a little thinking with a rational mind will help you get your hands on the best travel backpack

Ditch luggage and suitcases: Travel backpacks are a great way to carry everything you need for the longer trip while not compromising on the freedom you need while exploring. Usually luggage and suitcases are a hassle to carry and drag. The whole travelling experience becomes and nightmare. Also it looks super weird and there are always chances of the handle or the wheels coming apart. Just the thought of these unpleasant scenarios send chills down our spines. We certainly don't want anybody to go through this nightmare.

Easy to open and pack: Some common features a travel backpack should have is it should fully open and is easy to pack and unpack at the same time. Clamp shell opening is considered to be one of the best opening techniques in modern travel backpacks these days. Some backpacks also have top openings and you can load all your stuff from the top. These days people are also using backpacks with side openings. But we believe clamp shell opening backpacks are still the best and user friendly.

Lots of separate compartments: Also, make sure the travel backpack has separate compartments for all kinds of essentials like power banks, mobile phone chargers, your laptop, DSLR camera and an RFID pocket for keeping credit cards, passport etc to avoid scans. We would also recommend the travel backpack should have a wet pocket for wet clothes if any, many times you have to check out your hotel and leave somewhere early morning while you does not have time to dry your wet clothes after showering, a wet pocket will ease all that hassle. You can just keep all your wet clothes in the wet pocket and forget about any issues. The wet pocket is usually made of an insulated water proof coating and makes sure no moisture or water seeps outside that pocket, keeping the other valuables dry and safe.

Easy to handle: There are points to keep in mind regarding the handling features of the travel backpack. It should have a grab handle in addition to the top handle and shoulder straps. Having a grab handle on the side makes it really easy to handle at airports and putting or taking it off the conveyor belt or the trunk of the car and even in the overhead compartment.

Water bottle pocket: We seriously advocate to have a water bottle pocket in your travel backpack so you can keep yourself hydrated on the move. We have seen so many modern travel backpacks without any water bottle pocket. It is not practical and it is a basic necessity for all travelers to have access to drinking water at all times.

Lots of features: A few more things to keep in mind. Make sure it's waterproof. You can always buy a rain cover but it is always advisable to have water proof fabrics. Make sure it has a laptop holder, it also works for magazine, journals and i pads. Make sure you do not pack your bag a 100 percent full. You are going to want to leave at least a quarter of your bag for souvenirs and stuff you can pick up along the way.

Some other good features to look for are compression straps, lockable zippers, sternum straps and a combination of pockets.Sternum straps helps you to balance the weight of the backpack and moves the center of the gravity towards your body for a better control, balance and weight adjustment.

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