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Ergonomic guide for Backpacks

Today we are going to talk about backpacks. When you are looking for a bag for work, the most important thing to consider is what you are going to be putting into the bag.


For lot of people working remotely that include things like a laptop or a tablet as well as extra items, things like a charger, may be a water bottle in the side ,may be you are going to have some food in there as well.


All of these things add up in weight and are important considerations. Whatever it is you put into your backpack needs to be well protected and so does your body. Don't forget the overall weight of the backpack as well. For most agile workers and commuters, the backpack is definitely the bag of choice.


How to pack:


When you are packing the bag it is important to have the heaviest items as close to the body as possible. Often this is your laptop computer and a bag with ergonomic design will have a separate sleeve close to the back of the bag for placing the laptop into the backpack. This keeps the weight close to your center of gravity reducing the load on your body. If it is a heavy or larger bag you may consider using a sternum strap. This helps in distributing the weight so you are not dragging down your shoulders while carrying the backpack.


How to wear:


The final consideration is how to carry your backpack. Carrying the backpack only on one shoulder causes a rotational load around your body which your muscles have to counteract to hold you upright. For short period of time this might not be a problem but for longer period of time or if the bag is really heavy this can cause discomfort as muscles fatigue and later longer term health complications as well.


There are lot of other consideration for selecting a backpack but for an ergonomic point of view, these are the main points to consider.

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