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Fabrics used in Backpacks

We use backpacks and other kinds of bags almost every day. Going to college, school or office and plethora of other uses. Though it never crosses our mind as to what material is used to making these backpacks. If you go and check the product description of any of your favorite backpacks you will see a jargon of technical terms like nylon, oxford, polyester etc. Today we try to understand this better. Natural materials Leather: When it comes to backpacks the most primitive of the backpack were made of leather. Not for the reason that people understood the great properties of using leather as a raw material but because of the simple fact that there was no man made alternative. Man-made materials: Cotton: Later...

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How to buy backpack online?

Since backpack is a product that needs much customer interaction to feel the material,see the exact color, test the size and weight etc before buying, it becomes really important to make sure you know what you need before you start looking for the backpack online. Since you cannot physically feel and touch the product and online product descriptions are the only interaction you are going to have with the product except the visual, you must keep in mind the technical specifications and budget in mind before buying the product.

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How are printed and colored backpacks produced?

Have you ever imagined how the color and prints of the cool backpack that you are carrying or want to get your hand on have been done? Well, it is quite an interesting process and is called Dyeing. The fabric material is taken through a process of dyeing to make it colorful and printed before the backpacks are stitched and assembled from that fabric.

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How to identify the best travel backpack in 2019?

Imagine having a  backpack that you can travel the world with. Even better…. If you don't have to sweat about checking it or collecting it from baggage claim. Of all your travel gear your backpack is most important. No matter which travel backpack you chose you are going to have to keep these things in mind.

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How a school bag is made?

Every school kid needs a backpack. Sure it needs to look good but it needs to do much more than that. Now let's take a look what all a backpack has to do? and how a backpack is made?

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